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Cruise the Basingstoke Canal this Easter

There are three different options for you to choose from:

Cruise to Bridge Barn in Woking and return: Woodham Junction to Bridge Barn on Good Friday 29-March with return to Woodham on Easter Monday 01-April.

 Cruise to Brookwood and Bridge Barn: As per item 1 to Bridge Barn with a cruise to Brookwood (Country Park – not using the Brookwood flight)on Easter Saturday (30-April) and return to Bridge Barn on Easter Sunday (31-March)

Cruise the full length of the canal: Continue reading

Going to the National at Beale Park?

The IWA National Festival takes place at Beale Park, near Pangbourne, on the River Thames over the August Bank Holiday .

If you are cruising up the Thames from Limehouse, you might be interested in the video available of the PLA’s Boating on the Thames website here. Click on the Cruising through Central London link on the home page to see the video. There is also some useful information and reference guides for narrowboaters and cruisers available if you click on the appropriate button to the left of the picture on the home page.

Wallingford is upgrading the mooring facilities by the swimming pool.  Mooring is free until 4:00pm, and overnight mooring is available at a charge of £5. Maximum stay is 24 hours. Showers are available free for overnight moorers at the swimming pool.  There are local shops and restaurants nearby. (As we understand it, there are no effluent disposal facilities. Water is available from a standpipe in the campsite area, but this is some distance from the moorings. There is no designated rubbish facility, but it may be possible to use the leisure centre’s own facility. If anyone can update this information, please contact us.)

S.E.Region Minutes Jan 09

Minutes of Regional Meeting held on Friday 30th January 2009
8.00pm Northampton Boat Club.
SE Region

Members Present. Paul Le Blique, Chairman, TBC, John Brown Vice Chairman, ANRC and NBC, Jenny Sullivan, Sec. OCC, Ralph Sullivan OCC, Clive Rowlands OCC, Quartermaster, Mick Blackwell NBC, Arthur Kersey LCC, Alan Kemp DDBC, John Penn SECC, Ian Clipstone WMCC, John Crisp PYC, Eunice Crisp PYC, Alan Ross TCCC,

Apologies John Henley WMCC,

Minutes of Previous Meeting. These were agreed as a true record.
Proposed : Clive Rowlands
Seconded: Ralph Sullivan
Matters Arising.
• It was agreed that we had a successful and enjoyable social outing to Foxton. A report would be put on the regional website of the AWCC
• OCC. A meeting took place at OCC on 16th. November and it was possible to see damage done to the bank for which the contractors are being blamed. John Brown had nothing to report from the EA and Fairline who own the land are not interested. I would follow up with Harry Wright Commodore re: meeting on the 8th Feb.
• Other matters would be discussed in other items in the agenda.

• I’ve have circulated club details and I would update and circulate again.
• I have received details of proposed changes to the AWCC Constitution to be discussed at this meeting and then to be discussed at national level.
• Received a sample club contact sheet which clubs are to complete and then send to me. Several clubs have already done this.
• Received copies of ALERT and Pennant from PYC.

Chairman’s Report.
(See attached copy from P.LeB.)
Paul read out a draft of a letter to the EA to suggest the instigation of User Group Meetings similar to those organised by BW with various navigation user groups involved including AWCC reps.

Club Reports.
1. Good Christmas party support.
2. The club was open for Christmas Day where a lunch was prepared and also for the New Year .
3. Brian of the Nene. A quiz night with supper was held to enable a team to be chosen for the ANRC Brain of the Nene. The team came 3rd on the night, a much improved performance on last year’s result. Middle Nene Cruising Club came first.
4. Club events for the year are on OCC’s website.
1. A successful Annual Dinner was held.
2. Mince pies/mulled wine and quiz evening took place in December.
3. There was a cruise on 17th January to Weedon with a meal. In the end only one boat cruised.
4. A full calendar of events is planned for the year.
5. The club has gained in membership.
1. A pre season lunch took place at The Wharf at Bugbrooke in January with 28 members
2. The AGM and meal is planned for 21st March and is to take place at The Boat at Stoke
3. A calendar of future events is being planned.

1. The AGM took place in November.
2. Lift Bridge. BW are thinking of making this semi automatic along with others on the Oxford Canal.
3. Pumpout. The club now own this. There has been a user who moors locally who is proving to be unpopular and is abusing the facilities.
4. It is predicted that there could be problems with parking with Heyford Boats who now own some moorings nearby.

1. A Laying Up Supper was held.
2. Members joined in a bell ringing event at the December Christmas evening.
3. AGM was held in December with some changes to the committee.
4. A Valentine’s Night is planned.
5. Alan Kemp is looking to pass on the club newsletter for inclusion for the Inter Club Magazine Competition. It was suggested the PYC should do the same for their copy of The Pennant.

1. The AGM was held at the end of January and Arthur was happy to report that the committee
was happy to continue in their posts. The Handbook details are still up to date.
2. Not much happening event wise.

1. The Christmas Dinner took place with 90 members attending. This included visitors coming
in from elsewhere.
2. General work parties are planned.
3. Preparation for the ANRC Rally is to begin.
4. Groundwork for the 2011 rally has started when the club will be celebrating their 100 years anniversary.
5. This year’s events are on the ANRC website. There are problems with the NBC website.

1. There was a fireworks outing on 15th November(?)
2. Carols night was on the 13th Dec.
3. Brain of the Nene warm up was held with a supper on 10th Jan.
4. A Valentine’s party is planned for the 14th Feb.
5. A Knot and Splicing evening is planned.
6. £35,000 has been spent on tarmacing moorings and there are plans to do the slipway and hardstanding.
7. The club is being well used at weekends.

1. A good Annual Dinner which was well supported took place at The Barley Mow at
2. The Rear Commodore is planning a club cruise for the spring.
3. There are plans to revive the inter club/ social competitive activities.

Treasurer’s Report. No report this meeting but in an e-mail John Henley reported that there are only 2 clubs yet to pay their subs, Taverners and PCC.

Quartermasters Report. Any requests send an e-mail to Clive Rowlands who will arrange to have it sent on. It was suggested that individual membership cards could go out with club membership. Clive said that he would order more cards. A reminder that clubs buy in cards at 10p and sell at 25p. There was a request from John Brown for 50 cards.

Change in Constitution.
Resolution One. Proposed in changing the wording of the Constitution.
• Affiliation is being welcomed generally.
• Presidents and Vice Presidents. Not clear on voting rights as they are not elected members which creates a dilemma.
• 1.3 (a) (d) and (e) Add ‘and affiliated’ to organisations.
• 2.2 Remove the word ‘member’ from the second to last line.
• 3.4 As stands.
• 4.6 Important that boat club members keep their boating rights.
• 5.1 Affiliated ‘member’ to be removed.
• 5.4 Add ‘affiliated’ organisations.
• 2.1Clive Rowlands questioned wording of this clause.
Resolution Two.
Paul Le Blique explained that at present there was 1 President and 5 Vice Presidents who tended to be ex regional Chairmen. It was needed to look at their voting rights and a discussion followed on the rights and wrongs of this. The committee were split on this but when it was held to the vote it was felt that they should not have voting rights. The main reason for this decision was the fact that the combined voting power of the Presidents is greater than that of the Regional Chairmen. I questioned the need to have so many vice presidents. Paul explained that they do attend meetings where their experience and knowledge was both helpful and appreciated. Vice Presidents are very supportive of AWCC activities such as manning the stand at rallies and shows.

The place of volunteers on today’s waterways.
(This item to be left until next time).

AWCC Website.
• The report on Foxton to send to Ian to go on the website, possibly enhanced with photos. Send any photos to Ian Clipstone.
• November Minutes to go on.
• ALERT was being sent out in the post but it was suggested by Clive Rowlands that to save money that copies should be circulated electronically and also to go on the AWCC website. Several of the committee said that they do not see copies. Could they not go to reps rather than club secretaries?
• Alan Ross said copies of WIDEVIEW from Thrupp were available and to ask him for copies via e-mail.
• I questioned the lack of a Handbook for this year but Paul said that it was expensive to produce and updates would be available.
• It had been suggested that clubs would come forward to volunteer to host an NEC Meeting.
• Northampton Boat Gathering. Ian handed out posters for display in clubs and asked if the AWCC and ANRC could have a Stand. (Crick Boat Show would be on the Agenda for the next meeting).
Dates of Future Meetings.
Sat. 14th March 2009 AGM at Stafford Boat Club.

SE Region Dates:
Fri. 6th Mar 2009 at NBC Fri 24th April 2009
Fri 12th June 2009 Fri 25th Sept 2009
Fri 13th Nov 200 Fri 29th Jan 2010

Jenny Sullivan SE Region Secretary

S.E.Region chairman report Jan 09

AWCC SE Region Chairman’s Report 30 Jan 09

National AGM: The National Executive Committee has been busy preparing for the AGM in March when the subject of Affiliation will be proposed for ratification. We in the SE started this process eighteen months ago when it was unanimously supported from the floor at the last National AGM. The other topic for the AGM is the matter of voting rights for National vice Presidents. The wording in the current constitution is not entirely clear on this matter and it is hoped that clubs will consider the proposed amendments for decision at the AGM.

Oundle Cruising Club Bank Erosion: Following protracted negotiation with EA the matter of bank erosion has not been resolved and AWCC has been asked to assist. The matter was discussed at a meeting hosted by OCC Commodore Harry Wright. It was decided to look at the background to this event before proceeding. A follow-up meeting is planned for 8 Feb 09.

EA User Group Meetings: Most will be aware that BW holds regular user group meetings to which all waterway groups are welcome to attend. The format of these meetings has evolved into a useful balance of presentations followed by a more open discussion forum. Region has felt for some time that a similar meeting for those on EA Waters would be helpful and create a better understanding of the sometimes-conflicting needs of various user groups. Region will write to EA on the matter.

Waterway Volunteers: BW recently held a meeting to recognise and encourage the work of volunteer work on the waterways. It is the view that such work will need to increase due to funding constraints and the need for BW to work with communities as part of it’s mandate. AWCC is not an active volunteer organisation, however many members do work through other waterway groups. Boat clubs are also working in the community by holding open days etc. This type of activity is not widely recognised and poses the question of AWCC becoming involved in it’s own right. We are all very busy but I think the topic should be discussed and appears as an item on the agenda.

SE Region visit to Foxton: Members of the SE Region committee recently took part in a social visit to Foxton Locks and the museum followed by an excellent Chinese meal. A guided tour by Mike Beech, the museum manager was very informative and we were impressed by the improvements at the site. To have the opportunity to meet away from AWCC business was a pleasure and I thank Jenny and Clive for organising the event. I hope that this type of social event could, once again, be part of SE Region calendar.

Dates of future NEC Meetings: 14 March, AGM Stafford, 25 April, 20 June, 3 Oct, 21 Nov, 6 Feb 2009.

SE Region Committee’s Social Visit to Foxton

We meet every other month or so at Northampton Boat Club for our regional meetings and thanks to our Chairman, Paul Le Blique, we’re pretty good at sticking to our agenda but we find there is little time to socialise and exchange news and views on wider issues. After a particularly frustrating BW User group Meeting in September 2007 in Foxton Village hall, myself, husband Ralph Sullivan and Clive Rowlands, Regional Quartermaster, adjourned to The Shoulder of Mutton Continue reading