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Not received your Ballot Pack or Voting eMail?

 I have had the following advice today from Adrian Wilkins, the project manager at Electoral Reform Services who is running the C&RT Election.

“If a voter doesn’t receive their ballot pack or voting email they should contact our Customer Services section,, 020 8889 9203 (weekdays 9am-5pm), quoting their name, address and  membership/licence number, and Customer Services will be able to issue a duplicate.

Note that anyone who is issued with an duplicate will not be able to vote more than once though, as any duplicates issued will have the same serial numbers as the originals, and we will only allow each serial number to be used once.”

The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW


Brian Rich

AWCC National Secretary

AWCC responds to “Waterways for Everyone”

David Pearce, National Chairman of the AWCC, has written to DEFRA with the AWCC’s response to the draft “Waterways for Everyone” consultation published by DEFRA on 19th December 2009.  The text of the letter is shown below, and part one of the AWCC’s response is provided as a PDF document at the bottom of this post.

The consultation period closed on 26th March 2010.


AWCC Responds to British Waterways’ Licensing Consultation

On 9th November, AWCC sent the following letter to British Waterways to represent the views of the Association on proposed changes in Boat Licencing policy.

Dear Simon,


You will appreciate that all of the members of the BWAF Working Group spent many hours debating with BW and deliberating among themselves on the proposals now contained in this consultation.  You will understand that, whilst representing major user groups, my colleagues and I gave our advice as individuals, but with considerable personal experience and knowledge of the waterways and those who use them.

Like the other user groups, I have consulted widely among AWCC members and other boaters generally since the last WG meeting on 8 August and have established some consensus, but I find much difficulty in providing a unified result.  The following comments are an attempt to steer a useful path through what is perceived to be a mass of largely unrelated and somewhat inconsistent terms and conditions for BW licence charges that have grown over many years.

The existing T&Cs are also seen as perpetuating some unfairness to some classes of boater.  Hence, if there was one theme that came consistently from the majority of my members, it was that any revision should attempt a better balance of fairness for all boaters.  One long-term member of my own club put it succinctly by saying, “What is needed is justice and fairness for all!”

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Bill Bleasdale

The AWCC is sad to report the death of Bill Bleasdale on Friday 10th October 2008.

Bill Bleasdale

Bill Bleasdale

His funeral will take place at St Clements Church, Manor Ave, Urmston, followed by burial at Urmston Cemetery  on Friday 17th October at 11am

Gathering after at The Watch House Cruising Club all welcome

Flowers welcome or donations to Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Keith Noble, National Vice President of the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs wrote of Bill:

I have known Bill for over thirty years, mainly as Secretary of the North West Region of AWCC. Bill had been on the waterways since the early 1970’s. In 1973 he attended the inauguration of the North West Region at the Stork in Liverpool and became the Treasurer, a post he never relinquished. The Region has had five Chairmen and five Secretaries (the first one being the father of the present Secretary) but only one Treasurer. In March of this year, the Region presented an award to Bill and his wife Margaret in recognition of thirty five years service – and at an age believed to be 93, he agreed to stand for another year!

The past National Treasurers have always been impressed by Bill’s attention to detail – no bills outstanding in the North West, or subscriptions owing. Every Regional meeting received a concise summary of their financial position. The present National Treasurer Geoff Ashton said that Bill was the example to follow.

Bill was always a strong ambassador for AWCC, extolling the virtues with humour and enthusiasm. It was rare for Bill to miss an A.G.M. at Stafford! Always the gentleman, his advice was sought and listened to and his counselling was sound.

Bill didn’t limit himself to AWCC as he held posts on the Manchester IWA for very many years and was always supportive of the Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs.

He was honoured many times, receiving the Kingfisher Award and our own Bluebell Trophy among many others.

As a Boat Club Member, Bill joined Lymm Cruising Club in 1973, his boat Alexandra being moored close by Agden Bridge. He was also a leading light, in many ways the rock on which the club relied, in the Watch House Cruising Club where I believe he became President.

It is hard to think of anyone who has worked so tirelessly for the waterways for so long. I am sad at Bill’s passing but he leaves many happy memories and was a true friend to us all.

News from the London Region

National Inland Navigation Forum

Michael Stimpson chaired this first meeting of the reconstituted N.I.N.F. In the future there will be one meeting per year in February and ad hoc meetings when necessary.

Basingstoke Canal B.C.

They have a new committee and have decided to continue with AWCC membership, I have sent them membership cards, Mrs J. Byrnes their new their new secretary has posted the subs.

Gas Installer Registration

Capita has been appointed to run the scheme for the H.S.E. starting 1st April 2009. Unfortunately this will involve creation of a new logo. CORGI offered the existing logo, but this was rejected. There will have to be an expensive advertising campaign to roll out the new name.  I wonder who’s going to pay for it. April the
first-all fools day!

Meet Robin Evans

Not many people wanted to at 5-30 pm on a Friday evening – not good planning.   A developer of the Paddington basin has asked for seventeen more business barges in Paddington Basin, the L.A. have a vested interest in granting planning permission as they receive the rates.

Slough Arm

Several club members went to the slough festival, however the reeds were about 6ft.high and it was almost impossible to moor. BW is talking about mooring 100 boats on the arm I don’t know where.  Robin Evans said BW would not allow any development of the basin that would prejudice the construction of a Thames Link.

Trevor Gilham