How do I get a login to the AWCC web site Members' Area?.

All current members of a Club that is a member of the AWCC are entitled to a login to the Members' Area of the AWCC web site.

As the AWCC itself has no means of establishing whether an applicant for a login is a current member of one of its member clubs, the creation of these logins is handled by officers of the club itself. Therefore, if you are a member of an AWCC club, you should apply to one of the club officers (as recorded by the AWCC) for them to create your login record. Details of your login ID and initial password will then be automatically e-mailed directly to you. The club officers recorded by the AWCC and who should have this ability include the Secretary, Membership Secretary, AWCC Rep, Contact for visiting AWCC boaters and Treasurer. In some cases, further club officers may also have the ability to create the login records.

To create a login for an ordinary club member, the only information that is required is your forename, surname, private email address and the club of which you are a member. Email addresses of the form should not be used, as when roles change, it can mean that login records can become cross-linked, with password reset details or forum notifications being sent to the wrong person. Private email addresses are only used for sending initial and reset password details, and notification of forum postings if you subscribe to that service. They are not disclosed to anyone else on the site other than your club officers (as above), the AWCC Regional Secretary and the AWCC Webmaster. The rules and data required for creation of a record for a club officer for inclusion in the AWCC handbook are different, and these will normally be created by the AWCC Regional Secretary. A second, public, email address is held for club officers for inclusion in the handbook and in the web site enquiries, which can either be the same as the private address or can be different, such as of the generic form of

Logins for ordinary club members expire at the end of the calendar year and need to be revalidated by the club officers at that stage to confirm continuing membership of the club.

If you already have a login but have forgotten your login ID or password, please go to the password reset routine at the "Members Area/Forgotten Member Password?" menu item above.