AWCC Membership

Individual Membership

Please note that membership of the AWCC is only open to Boat Clubs and similar organisations with an interest in the inland waterways of the UK and is not offered to individuals.

Most, but not all, AWCC clubs have moorings and other facilities for their members, but all facilities are under control of the Club and not the AWCC. Individuals who are members of an organisation which is an AWCC member can obtain an AWCC membership card from that organisation. If you are interested, please contact an AWCC club to enquire about membership. Once a Club member, you will be able to take advantage of any reciprocal arrangements that club may have with other AWCC clubs. Most Clubs are listed on the Club Finder page elsewhere on this website.

Organisation Membership

Classes of Membership

There shall be two classes of membership, Full or Associate, open to groups that operate on the inland waterways.

Membership Application Process

Any candidate organisation wishing to become a Full or Associate member must apply to the National Secretary (email: ) for an application form. This shall be submitted when completed together with a copy of the organisation’s constitution to the appropriate Regional Secretary (details to be advised at time of application form issue) or in the case of a National Organisation to the National Secretary.

For applications submitted to a Regional Secretary, or passed to a Region by the National Secretary, the Region shall consider the application and then forward its recommendation to the AWCC National Executive Council (NEC) for final determination. For National organisation applications not passed to a region, the NEC, having circulated the application to the Regions for comment, shall consider the application and make a determination.

Once an application has been approved, the organisation will be required to submit any fees due and enter into the standard AWCC agreement covering data protection.

Membership Fees

For Full Membership, the fees consist of a National element up to a maximum of £55 pa (depending on the number of boats in the club) and a Regional element to cover the running costs of the Region in the range of £0 to £10 pa (depending on the Region and the number of boats in the club).

Fees for Associate Membership would be agreed with the organisation on an individual basis.